Building, Construction, Demolition Waste


Our Waste Diversion Project on Aotea/Great Barrier Island

C&D Overview

Because Aotea is a remote location and the cost of transporting goods is expensive, people usually try to minimise bringing excess materials to Aotea. That said, a significant portion of waste to landfill is construction and demolition (C&D) waste, including timber, composite boards and materials, plastic offcuts, packaging, wraps and more. 

All C&D waste not able to be reused on Aotea is shipped to Auckland. If it arrives in suitable (clean) condition, some of it will go to Green Gorilla who may be able to send it to processors to be recycled, or to places where it will be burnt as a fuel source. 

Contaminated C&D waste eg with food and general recycling is not acceptable and is sent to the mainland Auckland for landfilling.

It is really important that all building sites have a separate bin or bag for lunch and other food waste.

Do not put coffee cups, food wrappers or left over food in the same bin as your building waste – please keep these in a separate bin or bag.

Deliver food waste to Anamata, and other lunch and packaging waste to the landfill as a separate bundle to ensure optimum potential to reduce waste from your site.

The smell of rotting biodegradable materials in landfill waste sent to Auckland is causing problems for the transporters and may result in the cost of transport for our waste being significantly increased.

If you have a building site, and would like a food-scraps bin to keep food scraps separate, please contact us at Anamata.

What to divert from landfill

The list below is of goods that Anamata can potentially resell or up-cycle on Aotea.

If you deliver your waste to the Aotea Transfer Station with these items separated out or on top, they will be made available to others on Aotea to use. The landfill has dedicated bins for the various materials and separating them this way will help ensure that they are able to be reused or recycled and are not damaged.

  • If in doubt whether or not something is reusable, put it on top of your load and check with the transfer station crew. 
  • In these ways we can keep the cost of waste disposal to a minimum and reduce waste of resources.

Anamata is able to accept the following items only if they fit the criteria described: