SUC Free Aotea

In mid 2023, Anamata got together with local cafes to come up with a plan to tackle the single use cup problem locally.

By October, the initiative kicked off across Aotea, with cafes offering reusable cup options or sit-in as an alternative to the single use cup. The project has been going so well, it’s hard to imagine a time where it was normal for us to have disposable cups!

The support from our community has been incredible

Anamata continues to contribute to this initiative by helping to maintain mug libraries at local cafes. Using solar energy to power sterilisers that keep clean cups in rotation for cafes that don't have the facilities to do so themselves.

Food scrap collection

A big thanks to Aotea Local Board and The Packaging Forum for helping this project come into fruition!

In 2022, Anamata ran surveys with local eateries across the island to get an idea of how much food waste was ending up in the bin. While many had systems in place to ensure scraps were getting composted or otherwise, we found that some needed support in disposing of their food scraps correctly.

Since then, food scraps have been collected by Anamata staff, or brought in by operators from a number of our cafes and retailers, including a general store. 

The volume of food scraps being brought in for free by households is steadily increasing. At least  655kg of food waste was accepted and processed in December 2022 and January 2023 alone.

Food scraps received at Anamata are combined with mulched green waste and other organic fibers in our Carbon Cycle bins where they are carefully turned and monitored to create a beautiful compost end-product.