Zero Waste. An ideal we are striving for on Aotea / Great Barrier Island “Nature Knows No Waste”. We are about re thinking, reducing, reusing and recycling.

Our Mission

Zero Waste. An ideal we are striving for on Aotea / Great Barrier Island
  “Nature Knows No Waste”
We are about re thinking, reducing, reusing and recycling.

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Community Facilities

There are a range of community facilities available for everyone on Aotea to help reduce waste

Community Composting Bins

Community Food pantries

For fresh produce and non perishable items

Book exchanges  

Throughout the island, book exchanges may be found in old fridges, wharf sheds, basements and more!

Some of the locations include:

Op Shops

Zero Waste Events, Facility Tours & Workshops 


Living Lightly Leaders

Featuring island residents, family, or group ‘living lightly’ on Aotea. 

On Aotea, we have the unique opportunity and simultaneous challenge of living on an off-grid island with limited and finite resources. This presents us with an up close and personal look at our effect on the fragile environment and ecosystems that we are a part of and surrounded by.

Throughout this exposé, feature some of the island residents who try to ‘live lightly’, each in their own ways. We showcase residents who have lived here for a long time, maybe even their whole lives; across the board to those who have just arrived and are also striving to tread lightly on their environment and consciously reduce their footprint, carbon or otherwise. We endeavor to show that whether full-time, part-time, long-time or short-time, each of us can make a positive impact on what the future of Aotea looks like. 

The goal is to inform and inspire the rest of our community as we face local and global climate, marine, plastic and other crises. On Aotea, we have a fighting chance to lead as an example and show our love, dedication and respect for the motu, by engaging in small, important changes to our daily lives that will have large, lasting and impactful changes. 

We know and agree that big changes in this arena need to come from the top down, from national and local policy, and from the producers of the plastics and other pollutants. We also know that individual consumers can collectively influence policy and suppliers. But currently, New Zealand is ranked 15th in the world for it’s single-use plastic waste generation per capita, at 39kg per person, per year. We believe with conscious consumerism, available alternatives, such as the the newly available soft-plastic reusing scheme, we can get our personal island waste to landfill down to the bare minimum.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne Marie Bonneau

Stories by Bree Biederman and photos captured by Saskia Koerner 

Sue Daly

Introducing a true island pillar and legend. Sue and her family reside in Okupu. She is renowned for her excellent garden, preserves, creative kitchen and resourcefulness.

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Kurt Carter & Saskia Koerner

 Introducing Saskia & Kurt. Living on the island since March 2020, they reside in Okiwi and have thrived by living tiny, lightly and happily.

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Joss Bellerby

Introducing Joss, residing in Tryphena and owning the Stonewall Store. We appreciate Joss’ efforts in providing a wide range of bulk organic goods and her constant commitment to waste reduction in our shopping waste lifecycle.

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Sarah Harrison

Introducing Sarah, the phenomenally talented, inspiring and resourceful Queen of Reusing. Sarah resides in Tryphena and owns and runs Shoal Bay Pottery.

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Julie Bowers-Rakatau

Introducing Julie, she resides in Okupu and owns Claris Store. Julie is a creative, committed and thoughtful consumer and shopper, especially when she is stocking her shelves. 

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Bree & Rylie

Introducing Bree & Rylie. Due to lockdown, we haven’t been able to visit more locals, so you get us! As the author of this series, I thought it appropriate to also showcase how we strive to Live Lightly. 

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Ted Scott

We are thrilled to bring you the next edition featuring Ted & Anne Scott of Schooner Bay. We had the privilege of discovering all of their toys, tools, and dwellings to gain an understanding of how they have built their property on a “zero budget”

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Te Kura o ōkiwi

Something a little different this time around. We visited Okiwi School to observe their daily school program, Te Mahi Ki Waho / Outside Work , that engages and enables the students to practice Living Lightly. 

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Reducing Food Waste & Increasing Compost

Starting a compost at home is one of the best ways to reduce food waste going to landfill. Plus, your compost feeds your garden during the change of seasons, connecting you to your food cycle full-circle. 

We offer composting workshops for those folks just getting started, or for those wanting to understand how to do it even better!

Get in touch for more info or pop in to Anamata to see a range of options available.

To receive scraps for your animals or compost, or to find a drop-off near you…

Green cone
food waste biodigesters

Anamata has received generous funding from Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation Fund to subsidise (by 50%), 20 nifty Green Cone food waste systems, making them available for $150 each. Limited to one per customer (exceptions may apply), and installation must be on Great Barrier.

Is the Green Cone for you?

Composting is an awesome way to get rid of fruit and veggie scraps, and gain rich garden soil. You may know of someone with a dog, pigs or chickens who would love other food scraps. These are excellent ways to dispose of your food waste and we encourage you to keep using these in preference to using a Green Cone. Please don’t stop what you are doing 😊

if you  don’t have another option and do send some or all food waste to landfill, then the Green Cone could be for you! It is designed to take approximately 1kg of food waste per day, e.g. an ice cream container full, and unlike a worm farm, does not require regular feeding to be effective.

The Green Cone works best in a sunny location with good drainage. It requires some assembly and digging into the ground, and then you simply drop your food waste (no garden or paper waste) in, and allow the Green Cone to do the rest

The Green Cone draws on the power of the sun to digest all manner of food waste, using a process of aerobic digestion, and reduces it to its natural components of water, carbon dioxide, and small residue. When sited and used properly, the solar heated garden unit should safely eliminate cooked and uncooked food waste, including things like meat, fish, bones and dairy products.

Dug into the ground, the cone is completely enclosed and should cause no smell, not attract vermin, and require the minimum of maintenance. It should very rarely need emptying (if lots of bones are put in, these will take longer to break down).

The Green Cone is made from recycled plastic.



Drop in to Anamata and check out the product’s information sheet, or phone Joanne- 022 314 9346 to see if they’re suitable for your place. 

Start your own compost

Re-think packaging

Shop local